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EasyDraft is a leading expert in electronic payment solutions and has over 50 years of combined financial experience to use to your advantage.

About EasyDraft

We have both business understanding and technical know-how to find the best financial strategy for your company at the best price for your budget.

EasyDraft works with clients from an array of different industries to streamline their electronic payments and collections. We have over 50 years of combined financial experience to use to your advantage. In fact, we work with four out of the five leading Childcare companies and most likely work with companies within your industry as well.

EasyDraft works with retail businesses, daycares, financial institutions, real estate companies, schools, charity groups, clubs, utilities, property managers, and a variety of service providers – to name a few. Companies with merchant accounts who accept online payments, credit cards, nonprofit donations, rents, or any type of payments can benefit from EasyDraft's full range of services.

Our goal is to increase your accounts receivable collections in an easy, secure, and cost-effective way. This will give you time to concentrate on why you started your business or organization in the first place.

You are our focus and we'll do whatever we can to make it work for you. We pride ourselves on great customer service.

Now isn't that easy?

Dan Miller

Dan Miller


With over 26 years of banking experience, Dan brings a vast understanding of financial services to his leadership at EasyDraft. In addition, he has a strong focus on adding value and delivering quality customer service to make client relationships with EasyDraft both profitable and well...easy. Prior to launching EasyDraft almost 14 years ago, Dan was a key member of financial management teams as Vice President of Controller Structured Capt Markets at Bank of America and Senior Financial Accountant at MBank Dallas.

Steve Contino

Steve Contino


In addition to being a CPA, Steve has over 14 years’ experience in leadership roles in top financial institutions. Integrity combined with financial knowledge and an ability to explain complex monetary procedures makes him sought after by many leading companies needing accounts receivable collections assistance. Launching EasyDraft close to 14 years ago, Steve had a strong financial services foundation as the prior Vice President, Director of Training Compliance at Bank of America Securities, Vice President/Controller at Real Estate Capital Markets at Bank of America Securities and Vice President, Senior Financial Officer at Corporate Trading at Merrill Lynch & Company.

Brendon Boone, CTP <br> Director of Sales

Brendon Boone, CTP
Director of Sales

Deb Good<br> Director of Project Management

Deb Good
Director of Project Management

Linda Derhay<br> Controller

Linda Derhay

Scott Fayed<br>  Director of Information Technology

Scott Fayed
Director of Information Technology

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